A Visual Celebration of Borneo’s Wildlife by Fanny Lai & Bjorn Olesen

Our second book is now available in Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia.  Recommended retail price in Singapore S$ 67.00, Large format Hard Cover, 468 pages.  UK launch 1st July.  US & Rest of the World launch not later than 15th August.

Advanced praise for A Visual Celebration of Borneo’s Wildlife:


‘If the great Victorian naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace could have seen this astonishingly beautiful book he would no doubt have declared it the next best thing to exploring Borneo oneself. I have never seen a book on Asian wildlife that so powerfully takes one’s breath away with the turn of every page.’

Dr. John van Wyhe, National University of Singapore, historian of science and leading expert on Alfred Wallace, author of Dispelling the Darkness: Voyage in the Malay Archipelago and the Discovery of Evolution by Wallace and Darwin.


‘The most important, and visually ravishing, record of Borneo’s wildlife ever published. The authors have followed in the storied footsteps of Wallace and Whitehead to capture, in all its glory, the dramatic creaturely life in the most biodiverse forests on Earth. It is a celebration, yes, but also the most powerful case imaginable for the conservation of Borneo’s natural wonders against the all-too-rapid encroachment of the bulldozer and plough. Once buried, these wondrous birds and animals will be lost, and a portion of our souls will die with them. Save these forests now!’

Prof. Gillen D. Wood, University of Illinois–Urbana Champaign, author of Tambora: The Eruption that Changed the World

‘This book is stunningly beautiful, showing Borneo at its best!! A Visual Celebration of Borneo’s Wildlife is an important and positive contribution about this island that is better known in the global media for its high rates of deforestation, carbon emissions, and fire and haze problems. As the South-East Asian cradle of species evolution, Borneo is among the world’s most important places for biodiversity conservation. It very much deserves the attention it is given in this excellent book by Fanny Lai and Bjorn Olesen.’

Associate Professor Erik Meijaard, Borneo Futures and University of Queensland.

‘I loved the book. It is wonderful and so many rare animals and unique Bornean animals featured. It is certainly an excellent piece of work for all who love Borneo. And I do ….. 30 years down the road and still counting ….’

Prof. Peter Ng Kee Lin, Head, Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, Singapore.

‘This impressive volume presents a gorgeous visual display of Borneo’s magnificent wildlife. Accompanied by highly informative captions and brief text, many images are outright spectacular, capturing rarely photographed animals – including many endemics, rarely-documented behaviour, and wildlife of stunning beauty’.

Hans P. Hazebroek, author of Danum Valley, the Rain Forest, National Parks of Sarawak and Maliau Basin: Sabah’s Lost World.


‘A Visual Celebration of Borneo’s Wildlife” is a work without parallel – not only are the images outstanding, many represent species seldom seen in the wild and captured from unusual perspectives. A magnificent tribute to the biological diversity of Borneo.’

Prof.Indraneil Das, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak, leading herpetologist and expert on Asian reptiles and amphibians, author of A Field Guide to the Reptiles of South-East Asia.


Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.06.40

This Borneo wildlife pictorial offers nature lovers, visitors to Borneo and armchair explorers an unparalleled introduction to this mysterious treasure island.

Illustrated with more than 350 images, taken by Bjorn Olesen and other wildlife photographers, A Visual Celebration of Borneo’s Wildlife is a photographic tribute to the most spectacular wildlife species on the second-largest tropical island on Earth. It displays nature’s beauty, revealing many private moments of the astonishing biodiversity of Borneo, where nature runs riot. Based on the latest research, it is filled with captivating little-known facts about the wildlife that modern-day travelers may come across when visiting this enchanting island. It also describes the top 16 wildlife locations in Borneo, with a comprehensive list of recommended reading, websites and blogs provided.

250 animal species are illustrated including 61 endemics.

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As was the case for our first publication in the series: A Visual Celebration of Giant Pandas all royalties will donated for nature conservation in Southeast Asia, in this case through Fauna & Flora International.

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Author Bio

Fanny Lai is passionate about wildlife. She is a cartoonist, author, travel writer and former Group CEO of Wildlife Reserves Singapore comprising of Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park and River Safari. She is equally know for her entrepreneurial business development skills following a career that has spanned more than 30 years in branding marketing and corporate management. Fanny holds an Executive MBA from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

Bjorn Olesen is a retired corporate executive, award-winning wildlife photographer, author and engaged conservationist. A Singapore permanent resident, he lived for 16 years in Malaysia and Indonesia, so Borneo, which he has visited dozens of times, is literally his home turf. His images and articles have appeared in overseas and local publications. All of his photos are available free of charge to non-profit NGOs.

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  1. Chee yin foo
    Chee yin foo says:

    Where to buy a copy of the book – visual celebration of borneo’s wildlife in Singapore ?

    • Bjorn Olesen
      Bjorn Olesen says:

      Chee Yin Foo, sorry for the late reply, some technical issues. The easiest way to by ‘A Visual Celebration of Borneo’s Wildlife’ is from Kinokunyia.


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